ELITER Packaging Promotes and Automates Sustainable Packaging in the Food and Beverage Industry

Product News

Growing family-owned business and packaging solution innovator ÉLITER Packaging Machinery (ELITER Packaging) is moving forward with various new projects to develop high-end packaging machines as well as eco-friendly packaging solutions to reinforce its presence within the beverage and packaged food industry.

Cluster and Multipack Cartoner Machine for Soft Drinks

ELITER Packaging has worked with various international brands of nutritional shakes and dairy products to tailor packaging system for bottles in cluster and multipack, especially in format of 2×3 and 2×4 configuration.

The packaging system, developed based on an end-load cartoner, allows customers to load horizontally the grouped bottles in desired format into cardboard sleeves, and then to fold the flaps and complete closure with adhesive on the superior part of the packaging.

“The multipack cartoner is an affordable alternative to a fully automatic wrap-around sleever or carton sleeving machine that runs continuously, places sleeve blanks on the multipack and seals the sleeve with adhesive in the bottom.”, said Bao, the company owner.

Cluster and multipack with cardboard sleeve are considered as an ideal alternative to shrink-wrapping for drinks and beverage. Such a packaging is eco-friendly now that it avoids the use of plastics and the subsequent complex degradation process of plastic film which is energy and time-consuming.

CanCarrier – Improve Sustainability with Plastic-Free Beverage Packaging

ELITER is taking steps to promote beverage packaging without single-use plastics. The new form of packaging registered as patent is cardboard can carrier consisting of 2 layers that can group canned beer in multipacks of 2×2, 2×3, 2×4 configurations.

“CanCarrier is made from cardboard can be recycled and reused in a more efficient way and is a sustainable alternative to shrink pack to avoid the issue that plastics need a specific collection system for recycling and causes packaging waste and end up in landfills.”, said Bao.

“Crescendo” and “GranSonata“ – NextGen Cartoners

Applying motion control and servo technologies, ELITER Packaging is develop several next-generation models of cartoner which are to be launched in August of 2023.

One of these new models is an innovative continuous motion cartoner with a smart product loading system joined by 2 servos to replace the complex barrel cam loaders on those traditional high speed cartoners. The system follows a pattern of 2 axes, each one with a servo. The 1st axis moves paralleled with the bucket conveyor reciprocatively and synchronously to follow it, the 2nd axis moves interestedly to the direction that bucket conveyor moves, forward and back, to do the loading in a pattern of 2 insertions a time.

“Customer can expect a more friendly budget to implement packaging automation for high-speed cartoning of up to 200 cartons per minute with this new model of our company”, said Zhiwei Bao.

Apart from the continuous motion one, ELITER Packaging is also moving forward with a regional renowned brand to develop an upgraded intermittent model of cartoning machine that can even load until the size of 12-inch frozen pizza with a speed of 50 cartons per minute. The new model, called “GranSonata”, is to be revealed in August, 2023 once the project is finished.

About ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery (ELITER Packaging) is a family-owned business in the field of packaging machines and secondary packaging automation. With the facility located in Wenzhou, China, the company is a manufacturer and global supplier of cartoners, overwrapping machines and wrap-around sleever (carton sleeve machines). For more information, please visit ELITER Packaging Machinery’s website: https://www.eliter-packaging.com