PP Control & Automation aims to be top of the crops with £3m AgriTech ‘outsourcing’ opportunity

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One of the UK’s leading strategic outsourcing manufacturing specialists has launched a five-point mandate to explore a potential £multi-million opportunity in the AgriTech sector.

PP Control & Automation (PP C&A), which supports 20 of the world’s leading machinery builders, believes its ability to deliver cost savings, ‘scale-up potential’ and speed to market will be essential for companies looking to deliver new innovations that will drive global food security.

It is already in the final stages of negotiations with one critical supplier to the sector and is now targeting over £3m of work in this arena in the next eighteen months.

Part of the Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN), PP C&A has also signed-up as the latest member of the Agri-EPI Centre Network.

The latter, which was established as part of the UK Government’s AgriTech Strategy to develop, fund and commercialise new precision agricultural technologies, is doing amazing work to bridge the gap

PP Control & Automation will be pushing its 5-point outsourcing mandate when targeting customers involved in AgriTech.

It starts with the company’s expertise and in-depth manufacturing knowledge that can cater for the intricacies of this industry and flows through cost efficiencies gained from resource allocation, supply chain optimisation and scale-up capacity.

By outsourcing non-core functions, machine builders and innovators can focus on the R&D activity that makes them different, whilst flexibility to grow in keeping with market fluctuation can be achieved easily.

Finally, PP C&A can deliver complete quality assurance that aligns with specific AgriTech regulations, with UL508a accreditation already in place for dealing with the North American market.

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