Ball Aerosol Packaging releases new report on innovative Eyeris® printing technology for sustainable aluminum packaging

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Eyeris® comes in nine vivid colors and adapts to various sizes and shapes of aluminum cans and impact extruded bottles, making it versatile for beverage, household and personal care products.

Ball Corporation (NYSE: BALL), the world leader in sustainable aluminum packaging, has released a new report on the transformative power of Eyeris®, its proprietary enhanced printing technology for aluminum cans and impact extruded bottles. Eyeris® offers unparalleled visual appeal in line with the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging.

With over 40,000 Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) launches monthly across 273+ categories[1], the competition for shelf placement and consumer attention has intensified. Notably, at the point of purchase, product packaging plays a pivotal role, with 76% of consumers saying it influences their final purchase decisions, while 66% of consumers try new products solely due to their packaging[2].

Unlike traditional printing methods, Eyeris® uses advanced printing and imaging processes to deliver high-resolution, photo-realistic images directly onto the aluminum packaging surface. This ground-breaking HD imagery spans 360 degrees around the can or bottle, offering not only unparalleled detail and color accuracy to visually showcase ingredients and fragrances within the product, but also offers brands a unique platform to tell their story while creating a strong emotional connection with consumers.

Leveraging Ball’s unique expertise in creative artwork, Eyeris® has the potential to better replicate customer graphics and imagery when developing files for print, ensuring the final product achieves higher detail and quality. Available in up to nine colors, Eyeris® caters to all dimensions and forms within Ball’s portfolio of aluminum cans and impact extruded bottles for beverages, household items, and personal care products. This versatility unlocks visual possibilities that capture consumers’ attention by combining Eyeris® with aluminum packaging, one of the most sustainable packaging solutions available today.

As a leader in sustainable aluminum packaging innovation, Ball launched the lightweight Aerosol aluminum cans using their proprietary alloy ReAl in 2014 to reduce emissions from transportation. These Aerosol cans are up to 30% lighter than standard ones and contribute to a reduction in transportation-related emissions. However, widespread adoption of lightweighting has led to standardized can shapes and sizes and less differentiation. Eyeris® is designed to address this issue by ensuring brands and on-pack promotions stand out on the shelf in a crowded market, where creativity may feel squeezed, and captivate consumer attention.

Eyeris® reflects Ball’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, offering purpose-powered solutions that help brands elevate their packaging while contributing to a more sustainable world. When combined with Eyeris® technology, aluminum packaging not only fulfils but amplifies both sustainability and consumer engagement by allowing high-resolution printing directly on the package, thereby eliminating the need for additional labels.

For more information, and to learn how Eyeris®-high-definition printing technology can enhance brand visibility, download the report at

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