Trim Down Coding Waste With Rotech

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With sustainability and the rising cost-of-living being at the forefront of the media, Rotech have been looking at ways in which their innovative solutions can help food and drink manufacturers reduce their waste, while also shedding excess pounds spent on their coding and marking processes.

Targeting troublesome areas with TIJ

The waste produced by coding and marking technologies, and the recyclability of such waste, can vary drastically, and should be a key consideration for manufacturers looking to reduce their environmental impact.

The waste produced by our favoured technology, thermal inkjet (TIJ) against that produced by other technologies commonly seen in food & drink production environments, thermal transfer (TTO) and continuous inkjet (CIJ) is substantially less – the only disposal component is an easily recyclable ink cartridge.

Increase productivity levels with the RF Lite

Manually hand labelling or stamping date and batch codes onto packaging can be a time-consuming, labour-intensive process, one that often results in mislabelled or printed packs that have to be thrown away, a waste of both product and the manufacturers time.

By automating the process with the RF Lite, manufacturers can see productivity levels rise dramatically; the compact system can feed and print up to 400 packs per minute, freeing up skilled workers for other tasks.

Misprinted packs also become a thing of the past. The RF Lite accurately feeds product through to the printer, which triggers at the same point on each pack, producing a quality, clear print each time – a print automatically generated by the printer’s intuitive iDesign formatting software.

Shed pounds and aid recyclability by printing direct to the box

Rotech’s large area printers allow for information previously carried on a label to be reliably printed directly onto outer cases and boxes at high speed.

As a result, you save costs on consumables, printing, and the need for an application system. With the ability to print a barcode to the required standard, the savings of direct box printing are substantial.

Lastly, due to the adhesives and ink used, labelled boxes can be more difficult to recycle. However, when boxes are directly printed, their composition remains unchanged so they can continue to be widely recycled.

Could Rotech help with your transformation?

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