Breaking Barriers to the Whisky World

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Alistair Moncrieff, Co-Founder, Whisky Partners

The global whisky industry is projected to reach a value of $127 billion by 2028. This indicates a robust and expanding market. For consumers, industry players, and investors, there is a significant opportunity to jump on this momentum and change the face of the industry for the better.

Opening Doors

The industry’s overriding goal should be providing access to exceptional whisky while also fostering learning. We do not want to see those new to the whisky scene feeling intimidated. We must welcome the new generation of whisky drinkers. The younger 18-25-year-old bracket has seen a 25 percent year-on-year increase in whisky consumption since 2021 according to a recent YouGov poll.

At Whisky Partners we do this by hosting collaborative sessions such as distillery trips so that people can learn about whisky, visit the distilleries they have invested in, and taste some of their releases – all while connecting with fellow enthusiasts and learning from those who might be more experienced within the industry. This is a great way to welcome those experiencing a newfound interest in the industry to the whisky community.

Education and information play a pivotal role in demystifying whisky which is why on top of distillery trips, we invite whisky investors – both new and old –for regular meetups in our London and Brighton offices with their personal Portfolio Managers. This helps clients to feel comfortable in the choices they are making based on their investment goals.

By promoting a diversity of perspectives, and experiences, the industry can break down its barriers and foster a more inclusive community.

Empowering Industry Players

Scotch whisky is steeped in history and tradition, embodying centuries of craftsmanship and heritage. Here at Whisky Partners, we offer casks from a diverse range of new and historic distilleries, including Glen Garioch, one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries, and Glasgow Distillery, the city’s first active distillery since 1902. Known for their hands-on approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, Glasgow Distillery has earned prestigious accolades, including the title of ‘Scottish Whisky Distillery of the Year’ in 2020. It is important that such distilleries are supported by the industry.

Facilitating Investors

Accessibility extends beyond whisky consumption and the introduction of new industry players to whisky collecting and investment.

For investors, streamlining the Investment process is essential, providing the means for storage and value tracking.  Additionally, access to transparent pricing and comprehensive market options, especially when considering exit strategies, is paramount.

Recognising the complexity of the industry landscape, particularly with numerous merchants, brokers, and tech platforms, our focus at Whisky Partners is to bridge the gap between consumption and investment. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we integrate both aspects seamlessly, offering a unified platform for collectors and investors alike.

Still, it would be wrong at this point not to acknowledge the challenge that the industry faces when it comes to misinformation and misconceptions surrounding whisky cask investment. Addressing this issue head-on, Whisky Partners has implemented innovative solutions such as our new bonded warehouse, ensuring product authenticity and investor peace of mind that their investments are securely stored and managed. The industry must be steadfast in its commitment to accurate returns representation and personalised portfolio management services. It is essential that the industry empowers investors to navigate the whisky market confidentially, making informed decisions aligned with their unique goals and preferences.

The Path Forward

The continued growth of the whisky industry relies on making whisky more accessible. For a long time, only big companies could buy casks, but now the industry is becoming more accessible for the consumer. This will be helped further by teaching people about whisky and welcoming new drinks onto the market. It’s also about making it easier for consumers to collect and invest in whisky by simplifying processes and being clear about prices and returns. For example, it is important to provide buy-out solutions for customers when they are ready to sell their casks. Let’s make sure that the whisky industry grows in the right way, welcoming all to enjoy the world of whisky.

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