kp’s flexible film range unlocks recycling of protein packaging

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In response to the increased demand for sustainability in fresh protein packaging, Klöckner Pentaplast (kp), global leader in rigid and flexible packaging and specialty film solutions, has shown how packaging can rise to the challenge through increased recyclability.

kp has highlighted its new recyclable Flexible range, which comprises kp FlexiLid® EH 145 R, kp FlexiFlow® EH 145 R and kp FlexiVac® R, as an example of how flexible packaging can be created with recyclability at the forefront of design – a significant step-change for the protein industry.

Christophe Rossé, Marketing Director, Flexibles, at kp, explains: “While sustainability has been topping the priority list for many food businesses, flexible films for the protein market have had a tougher road to packaging circularity. For a long time, the plastic film packaging used with fresh meat products has been non-recyclable and destined for linear waste streams and ultimately, incineration or landfill. However, businesses like kp have been relentless in pushing the boundaries, and our new flexible film range shows the fruits of that work.

“At the heart, it’s testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship and circular economy principles in food packaging. By ensuring our designs perform as well as – or better than – incumbent non-recyclable films, we are showing that today’s protein businesses don’t need to choose between recyclability and performance; they can have both.”

kp FlexiLid® EH 145 R is one of the world’s thinnest barrier lidding films. Designed following Ceflex guidelines for D4ACE PE mechanical recycling, it exceeds packaging guideline specifications, with more than 90% PE content. kp FlexiLid® EH 145 R offers high barrier properties, anti-fog features, and easy printing, for shelf standout. Its outstanding sealability ensures performance even when sealing through contamination. Combining this top film with recyclable trays, such as kp Elite®, customers achieve a fully recyclable and single-supplier, case-ready solution.

Certified and validated by third party organisations as fully recyclable, kp FlexiFlow® EH 145 R barrier flow wrap film solution delivers high levels of product protection, while reducing plastic weight by 75%. This high barrier film extends shelf life, preserves product quality and for supply chain versatility, is compatible with all FFS and vertical flow pack machines.

Completing the recyclable film trio is kp FlexiVac® R. This fully certified 100% recyclable vacuum film represents a major engineering achievement in multi-layer recyclable packaging. Developed in collaboration with Dow Chemical using its FUSABOND™ technology, kp FlexiVac® R offers exceptional clarity, puncture resistance and maximum food protection through best-in-class hermetic sealing performance. Ensuring suitability for a wide range of applications, it is available in thicknesses ranging from 70-300 microns.

Christophe Rossé adds: “We are proud to operate with a ‘Packaging with integrity’ ethos, so whether our customers are looking to reduce food waste through shelf- life-extending packaging, or to switch to recyclable packaging solutions to support business-wide environmental goals, our food packaging team is ready to assist. Of course, all backed by our extensive expertise and global presence, which includes 20 Food Packaging production plants in 14 countries around the world.”

To learn more about kp and its recyclable flexible packaging film products, please click here.