Ready Meals Manufacturer Saves Millions with MWS Weighing Station Upgrade

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A large ready-made meal manufacturer faced a looming crisis: over 300 of their weighing stations were becoming obsolete, requiring a potential seven figure replacement expense. Their incumbent supplier offered only new equipment, along with slow response times for breakdowns.

Micro Weighing Solutions (MWS Ltd), known for its innovative weighing solutions, rose to the challenge. Leveraging expertise from design, fabrication, service, and systems departments, MWS proposed a creative solution: upgrading the existing scales. This not only addressed the obsolescence issue but also brought about substantial CAPEX savings, a key consideration for an unplanned project.

The Solution

The process involved transporting the weighing stations to the MWS factory, where new steel components were fabricated and integrated into the existing structures. The highlight was the upgrade to the MWS Micro 6000 model, equipped with a bespoke takeaway weighing app and Wi-Fi connectivity to alternative management software. Crucially, the hygienic design of the new model prevented water accumulation, ensuring a longer lifespan for the equipment.

Acknowledging the client’s dynamic and fast paced production environment, MWS strategically removed and returned the weighing stations in small batches, minimising downtime.

The Results

The result was the refurbishment of over 300 scales, achieving an impressive 50% reduction in CAPEX compared to the initial supplier’s quote.

Beyond cost savings, MWS significantly improved response times to breakdowns, a critical concern raised during discussions. The dedicated service team’s proximity to the client’s factories contributed to a 50% reduction in call-out wait times. The partnership with MWS not only optimised the financial aspect but also demonstrated environmental responsibility by repurposing existing stainless steel stands, limiting waste and energy consumption associated with new station construction.

  • 300+ Scales Refurbished
  • 50% CAPEX Savings
  • 50% Faster Response
  • Reduced Waste and Energy

By choosing MWS, the FMCG group not only secured substantial CAPEX savings but also benefited from lower ongoing repair costs and enhanced breakdown response times. This case exemplifies MWS’s commitment to providing efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable weighing solutions for clients in the fast-paced FMCG industry.