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BST are proud to be the original pioneers in metal detectable plastic technology and are the driving force in the UK combatting the issue of plastic contamination in food production worldwide. We specialise in metal detectable, x-ray visible, shatter resistant, and antimicrobial food safe products, utilised across all food sectors to reduce the risk of foreign body contamination.

Brain S Teasdale (BST) founded the company in 1985 and initially focused on providing engineering supplies to UK bakeries, before inventing the concept of metal detectable products and the world’s first detectable pen. BST remains a family business, now headed by John S Teasdale since Brian’s retirement in 2002.

Detectable products are now an integral part of food safety and HACCP procedures worldwide. As new regulations and legislations have highlighted the necessity for detectable, food safe products in the food industry, it is becoming increasingly important to show due diligence in the prevention of plastic and rubber contamination. BST focus on producing high quality detectable products, less susceptible to wear and therefore less likely to end up contaminating food in production. Should a BST detectable item break or be dropped into food production, fragments as small as 5mm³ can be detected by metal detection or x-ray inspection systems and automatically be rejected from the production line.

The food industry aside, BST products are high quality, ergonomic, and a wide range of the products are antimicrobial and so are also suited to environments of high-risk cross infection such as medical areas, reception areas, open plan offices, and call centres.