Precision Without Limits: MWS Delivers Lifetime Scale Assurance

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Micro Weighing Solutions (MWS Ltd), a renowned UK-based manufacturer of industrial weighing equipment, is setting a new industry standard by becoming the first scale manufacturer to introduce a lifetime guarantee on all their British-made weighing scales.

MWS is a trusted name in the world of weighing equipment, working with some of the largest food and drink manufacturers across the UK. The hallmark of their excellence lies in the fact that they oversee every step of the manufacturing process, from initial design to fabrication and assembly. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that their weighing scales, encompassing platform bench scales, floor scales, and pallet scales, are of unmatched quality and reliability. It also means MWS can create bespoke, turnkey solutions for customers.

Lifetime Warranty on Weighing Scales

What sets MWS apart from the rest is their unwavering confidence in the products they manufacture. As of February 2023, MWS is proud to introduce a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of their industrial scales under normal use. Remarkably, this warranty extends to MWS products supplied after 1st January 2018, affirming their commitment to customer satisfaction and product longevity.

The guarantee covers the structural integrity of the machine, reassuring customers that their investment is safeguarded for a lifetime. Furthermore, key components, such as the load cells manufactured by Flintec, come with their own five-year warranty, adding an extra layer of confidence to the MWS product line.

Nationwide Service & UKAS Calibration

In addition to this remarkable lifetime guarantee, MWS also boasts an experienced, dedicated team of field service engineers who provide nationwide service and calibration for all types of weighing equipment. This includes UKAS calibrations, ensuring that your weighing scales maintain precision and accuracy throughout their lifetime.

For the Food & Drink industries, MWS is not just a manufacturer of industrial weighing equipment; they are a partner in quality, reliability, and assurance. When you choose MWS products, you’re not just investing in a weighing scale; you’re investing in peace of mind, innovation, and the unwavering support of a company that believes in the durability and performance of its products.

Make the smart choice for your industrial weighing needs – choose Micro Weighing Solutions and experience a lifetime of quality, guaranteed.