Transforming Beverage and Dairy Packaging with Ultrasonic De-Foaming

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In a world where every sip and every drop of milk matters, the beverage and dairy industry look for innovative solutions to enhance production efficiency, reduce waste, and elevate the quality of every product. Ultrasonic de–foaming technology is an innovation that is changing the game in beverage and dairy packaging.  Additionally, as awareness of environmental issues grows, businesses realise the vital role they play in sustainability. Ultrasonic De-Foaming technology embodies this ethos, seamlessly integrating efficiency and sustainable practices into your production process.

Imagine a world where your packaging line operates at peak efficiency, regardless of the filler type – standard rotary, aseptic, hot-fill lines, linear, or pouch fillers. The Ultrasonic De-Foaming System does just that, and more.


Key Benefits at a Glance:

  • Enhanced Line Speeds: Experience up to 60% higher line speeds in the beverage industry and up to 40% in dairy,
  • Optimised Fill Settings: Reduce beverage/syrup losses by 1ml to 6ml per can or bottle through the foam compression effect in beverages, and 1ml to 5ml per carton or bottle in dairy.
  • Sustainable Efficiency: Lower beverage and dairy waste means reduced waste treatment costs for beverage, dairy, water, and chemicals.
  • Temperature Optimisation: Potential to increase filling temperature by up to +6°C or more above normal in beverages, resulting in energy cost savings and elimination of condensation issues. Similarly, dairy benefits from controlled temperatures that enhance product quality.
  • Quality Assurance: Minimise bottle and can rejects due to underfill in beverages and reduce carton and bottle rejects in dairy, saving packaging material and waste treatment costs.
  • Hygienic Excellence: Foam control eliminates contamination on the bottle or package seal reducing the risk of micro contamination Ensuring a cleaner line with potentially reduced cleaning cycles/CIP, leads to energy, water, and chemical savings.
  • Nitrogen Dosing Efficiency: Improve nitrogen dosing efficiency and nitrogen content in capped bottles or packages, especially in carbonated beverages and dairy products.

By significantly reducing foam during packaging, it creates compressed and denser foam inside the container, delivering unprecedented productivity gains, enhanced filling line efficiency, waste reduction, contamination elimination, and quality improvements.

In an industry where innovation matters, our technology stands as the epitome of forward-thinking excellence. Using Ultrasonic De-Foaming technology, you’re elevating your production and setting new standards for sustainability and quality in every bottle, can and carton.

Contact us today and discover how our ultrasonic de-foaming technology can elevate your beverage and dairy packaging.