FREE WEBINAR: How Bactiscan’s™ detection technology is being utilised, to optimise food and drink production safety

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A recent study conducted by the University of Southampton, compared the detection capability of the EIT Bactiscan with other detection technologies to optimise its use in the food processing sector.

Pathogen detection methods currently adopted by the food industry require either significant time, specialist expertise, or the continued use of consumables. As a complementary detection technique, this study assesses the use of EIT International’s propriety technology, Bactiscan, that detects bacterial contamination targeting the bacterial S-layer. The study measures the sensitivity of the instantaneous fluorescence-based detection of bacterial contaminants by Bactiscan, and compare its ability to detect prominent foodborne pathogens and bacterial phenotypes.

The study was carried out by Dr Callum Highmore who is a Research Fellow for the National Biofilms Innovation Centre, based at the University of Southampton.

His work focuses on the detection and characterisation of pathogens and biofilm.

Dr Highmore has kindly agreed to participate in a webinar on the study and answer any questions, on October 25th, 2023.

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In addition to the talk by Callum we will also be joined by Dr. Thomas Buehler from Ecolab Europe GmbH, who will be talking about the use of Bactiscan at Ecolab in practical biofilm mapping and prevention.

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