Maintaining Precise Temperature Control with Enershield Air Barriers: Discover How Efficiency and Savings Were Achieved

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In the world of cold storage, where precision is paramount, maintaining a set point temperature within freezer and chilled rooms is not just a preference; it’s a necessity. Temperature control isn’t merely a matter of convenience; it’s the foundation upon which product integrity, energy efficiency, and operational savings stand. In this case study, we provide insight into the journey of our customer, who faced the challenges of fluctuating temperatures within their freezer room, and the compelling reasons why achieving and maintaining a precise temperature set point is of the utmost importance.

The Challenge

Ensuring optimal freezer temperatures and improving cost efficiency were critical requirements for our customer.

The transfer of air between the ambient and chilled environments, as well as between the chilled and frozen areas, poses significant challenges, particularly when fast-action doors are frequently opened. The average freezer room temperature was appx -18 despite the chillers running at full capacity.

This environmental transfer compromises precise temperature control and results in heightened energy consumption and increased operating costs.

Key Objectives

  • Maintain optimal freezer
  • Improve energy costs.

The Solution

In order to address temperature control challenges effectively, we conducted a thorough site assessment. This detailed evaluation allowed us to identify the specific issues our customer faced. With this insight, we were able to recommend the installation of two Enershield Durashield Air Barriers on each chilled and freezer room door.

The Results

The freezer room temperature comparison graph illustrates the impact of installing Enershield Air Barriers. This graph displays the temperatures recorded before and after installation, including the linear average for each dataset.

The results were conclusive: with the Enershield Air Barriers in place, the freezer room temperatures decreased by an average of 2.2°C compared to pre-installation levels. This reduction enabled our customer to consistently maintain their desired temperature set point of -20°C, often surpassing it.

This achievement suggests that the chillers, running at their previous capacity, can now operate more efficiently. With reduced energy consumption required to reach the desired temperature, our customer can enjoy substantial energy savings.

Energy Savings Realised:

With the Enershield Air Barriers in place, the ingress of ambient air when fast-action doors are opened has been reduced. As a result, the chillers no longer need to work as hard to maintain a constant temperature. This is expected to lead to substantial reductions in energy costs, aligning perfectly with our client’s commitment to efficiency.

Enhanced Safety and Visibility:

Another benefit of installing Enershield Air Barriers was the removal of strip curtains from the doors. This improved visibility within the facility and enhanced site safety.


Our customer has achieved an optimal freezer temperature control which could lead to substantial cost savings. By investing in Enershield Air Barriers, our client now enjoys improved efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced safety and visibility.

If you’re facing similar challenges and want to optimise your operations and reduce costs, trust Enershield Air Barriers. Enershield Air Barriers are a precision engineered product that creates a highly effective and robust seal on a doorway, by re-circulating facility air in a laminar (smooth) flow. This laminar airflow, coupled with the kinetic energy within the moving air, generates up to a 90% seal. This effectively prevents the leakage of air between two areas with different pressures and climates. Enershield Air Barriers are designed and manufactured by CPA Engineered Solutions, part of the CPA Group. Each Enershield Air Barrier is manufactured to meet your unique requirements.

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