Zafron Foods have triple helping of YPS Packaging lines

Product News

As a result of expansion, Zafron Foods have taken delivery of a new side feed shrink wrapping line from leading packaging suppliers Yorkshire Packaging Systems (YPS) – their third from the specialist business.

Following Zafron’s successful bid for a new contract with a national wholesale operation, the company needed to increase their output.  With two similar lines previously supplied by YPS, operating with excellent efficiency, safety and reliability, they turned to YPS again.

“We’ve had a great relationship with YPS and have been so pleased with the equipment and the service we’ve received, that they were the natural choice when we needed to increase our output further,” commented Jack Kenny, MD of Zafron Foods.

Zafron Foods produce high quality mayonnaise, sauces, condiments, dressings, chutneys and deli fillers.  With a customer base that encompasses everyone from artisan delis to the largest food companies worldwide, their products are supplied in just as wide a range of formats, from sachets to pallets and everything in between.

The new shrink wrapping line accepts their products in a single lane format, bundles them into the required collations and shrink wraps them together.

Modified to be fully integrated with the upline bottle filling equipment, sensors within the new YPS shrink wrapping line ensure that both wrapper and filler are perfectly synchronised.  If the wrapper stops for any reason, the filler will automatically pause.

“We worked with Zafron Foods to understand exactly what they needed, modifying the infeed of the packaging line to perfectly marry up with the bottle filler, all within the constrained footprint available this time,” stated YPS MD, Glyn Johnson.  “We’re pleased to see that Zafron have been so happy with the results.”